DV/SA Facts & Statics
Statics on Domestic Violence
In the world:
  • Statics show that an estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by partners each year.
In America:
  • One out of four women and one out of seven men in the United States alone will suffer serious physical violence from an intimate partner at least once in their lifetime.
  • Everyday, three women will lose their lives in this country as a result of domestic violence. 
  • Millions of Americans live daily in a state of fear, uncertainty and abuse.
Statics on Domestic Violence in Alaska 
  •  In Alaska alone, in 2005 over 600 cases of Domestic Violence were reported. 
  • Statics show 75% of Alaskans have either personally experienced Domestic Violence themselves or know of someone who has.
  • 73% of family violence victims are women.
Statics on Domestic Violence in
 Haines, Alaska
  • From the Haines Borough Police Department (does not include AK State Troopers)    
    •   In 2011 - 15 DV related calls.  (9 suspects arrested, 14 charges filed by Police).
    •   In 2012 - 12 DV related calls.  (8 suspects arrested, 19 charges filed by Police).
    •   In 2013 - as of April 17th, 7 DV related calls.  (5 suspects arrested, 5 charges filed by Police).  
  • From the Court House:    
    •   In 2011 - 11 cases in which DV Protective Orders were given.
    •   in 2012 - 14 cases in which DV Protective Orders were given.


 Data from the counseling service in Haines -
For Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaut Victims
  • 2011  -  DV incidents reported  =   7 
  • 2012  -  DV incidents reported  =  14   
  • 2011  -  SA clients served  =  72
  • 2012  -  SA clients served  =  86


 Becky's Place
~  Haven of Hope  ~
             safe house                                                                                           shelter from abuse
  • Stan and I ask you to partner with us, as we begin to establish a "safe house" in Haines. 
  • We ask for your prayer covering, being active in volunteering once we get the house and for your financial support. 
  • Please join with us, being God's hands extended to the women and children in our community needing help.

"Together we can make a difference, touching one life at a time."


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