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Mission Statement: “Our mission is to provide shelter and assistance to women & children who have been subjected to Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse. To offer hope, help, restore dignity and give them back the power of choice”.

Becky’s Place is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation.

Our Vision: Our vision is to open a “safe house” in Haines, Alaska. We envision a large 4 to 5 bedroom home, where women and children can come to find safety, help, hope, and new beginnings for their future. Many women/children want to stay close to their schools, jobs and family members, while fleeing from an abusive situation. Becky’s Place will offer support, compassion, and non-judgmental help. We will be there to give choices and encouragement, allowing them to reclaim their ability to choose. Becky’s Place will help in numerous way, including but not limited to the following: a safe and secure environment, food, clothing, continuing education, job training, preparing a resume’, help to connect them with resources that will enable them to become independent and have a home of their own.

Immediate Needs:  Raising funds to pay monthly expenses on our 2 bedroom "safe house", which we opened Sept. 2015.  Our house will continue to provide safe shelter, food, clothing and medical assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Who we serve: We will offer help to any women/child that comes to our house, seeking refuge. All nationalities, religions, and faiths will be welcome.
             ~  New Update on Becky’s Place, Dec 2018 ~

Have you ever wondered how Becky’s Place Haven of Hope, a local “safe house” in Haines got started? Click on the link below and listen to a wonderful interview by Claire Stremple from KHNS, as they discuss the struggles, accomplishments and goals of Becky’s Place.

Please share with others, as together we are touching lives and making a difference!
                          ~ Update on Becky's Place ~ 
On December 9th, 2015 Haines local radio station, KHNS held a radio interview with Jackie about the opening of Becky's Place and the need for a "safe house" in Haines and the surrounding areas.
Please take a moment and listen to the interview. 
Just click on my picture and then the small arrow for audio.
It's exciting to see how far we have come and the lives we have touched.  Thank you for partnering with us..  Together we are making a difference!
Contact information:
Becky’s Place ~ Haven of Hope
c/o Jackie Mazeikas
PO Box 1506
Haines, AK 99827
(907) 303-0076
Email:  beckysplace.haines@gmail.com
Stan & Jackie Mazeikas
Please join with us as we celebrate the opening of our 1st "safe house" in Haines, AK. 

Becky’s Place – Serving South East Alaska, one life at a time. Join us in making a difference! Please donate today... 


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