Becky’s Place

 Haven of Hope Corporation




Becky's Place opened it's doors to our first "safe house" in Haines on Sept. 1, 2015!  We have signed a one year lease on a large 2 bedroom home, that will provide safety and shelter for women and children seeking assistance from abusive situations.  

Updated budget (as of December 2018)
Yearly operating expense:     

Rent                                    $  8,400.00      Becky’s Place safe house

Electric                                   4,484.00       includes electric, phone, wifi
Food & Medical, / misc.      3,964.00      includes transportation
Insurance                               4,258.00      liability & property insurance
Newspaper                             1,226.00
Office Space                            1,500.00

Yearly total            $   23,832.00       


Monthly total        $      1,986.00   




Our long term goal is to purchase (or be gifted) a house, short term goal is to rent/lease house on a yearly bases.  Above figures reflect short term goal.

Stan & Jackie Mazeikas   (907) 303-0076