About Us

My name is Jackie Mazeikas, I am currently working as a Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Health Educator in Haines, AK. I see numerous individuals throughout the week who are affected by DV/SA in one way or another.

In my position, I have seen countless victims return to their abusive homes, endangering themselves and possibly their children. I knew we could no longer remain inactive, we needed to be part of the solution. We feel strongly that abused individuals need more options, more choices than moving further away from what small amount of support they receive from their family and friends.

That is why we are reaching out to you. We are asking that you partner with us, you join with us in reaching one life at a time. We are looking for donations to purchase a safe house, funding to help those who come to us seeking temporary assistance and longer term assistance. We are also looking for financial help to offer assistance with medical help, food, clothing, educational training, transportation and baby setting when needed. We are also in need of volunteers to help in varies areas. If you are interested or willing to be involved, please contact us.

Stan and Jackie Mazeikas
Current Board Members:
Jackie Mazeikas: President/Director
Stan Mazeikas: Vice President/Director
Jan Hill: Secretary/Director
Carol Clifton: Treasurer/Director
Kathy Hosford: Board Member

We have kept our Board Members small, until funds and growth begin.       


The story behind Becky’s Place:

Many people have approached me, asking the story behind “Becky’s Place”.  I would like to share with you where the name came from and why stopping DV/SA is so dear to my heart.

I had a sister named Becky who was a few years older than me. Becky had become involved with a gentleman who was quite a few years older than her. Eventually she moved into an apartment with this man. Unknown to Becky’s family, this person was physically abusive to her. During one of her last arguments/fights with him, he stabbed her in the stomach. It was so severe that she was admitted to the hospital and required to stay there a number of days. Upon being released from the hospital, Becky returned back to the apartment, back to the abuse. Within that very week, her small, nude body was found dead in their apartment. He had killed Becky and a few hours later took his own life!

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