Shelter Services

All are welcome. Becky’s Place offers a variety of services to individuals being impacted by domestic violence and / or sexual violence.  Services may be provided over the phone or while staying at the safe house. Becky’s Place never discriminates on the bases of race, sex, age, language, social or economical status, education, religious affiliation. 

Emergency Shelter

Becky’s Place is a local safe house in Haines, Alaska.  We provide temporary safe shelter, food, clothing, medical assistance, counseling assistance, help with transportation, assistance with protection orders, offer support and will accompany you to the courthouse, police station and appointments if needed.

If you need emergency safe shelter, please call (907) 766-2105

Safety Planning

A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that a victim of domestic and/or sexual violence can utilize to help maximize their safety no matter where they are. A safety plan can be utilized while in an abusive situation, leaving an abusive situation, and/or staying safe after an abusive situation.


Becky’s Place can help you with creating a safety plan


Safety Checks

Becky’s Place continues to offer support, encouragement and assistance to our clients that have left our safe house.  We call and check on them periodically to see how they are doing.  On occasion we help with food, clothing, sometimes paying a portion of their rent, utilities, school supplies, gas, minutes for their phone, whatever their immediate need is, we try to help until they are able to stand on their own


Becky’s Place offers advocacy support to our clients before, during and after their stay with us.  We will help connect them with available resources in town.  We help in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following:


  • Help finding employment, filling out applications, writing a resume.
  • Help with finding housing / apartment / shared housing.
  • Appointments with SEARHC health clinic for medical needs / SEARHC dental
  • Appointments with Lynn Canal Counseling
  • Finding childcare
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Items to set up house, from furniture to cookware, linen, lamps…. 
  • Help locating used vehicle.
  • Help relocating them to a different town or state.
  • The needs vary and so does the help we provide.