This is what progress looks like!

Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 11.50.45 PM

We wanted to share the wonderful progress being made at Becky’s Place. The last set of pictures I posted were of the foundation of our “safe house”, with the majority of walls, ceiling and floors gone. Within the last week, we have had some amazing men and teens step up to offer help with putting up sheet rock, cutting, taping, and mudding the walls and ceiling!!
Just wanted to share some of the pictures of these amazing individuals. Our hearts are so full of gratitude and thankfulness for their giving of time and faithfulness in helping to remodel Becky’s Place! (These are only a few of the volunteers…)
We will keep you posted as additional progress is being made. Again, a big thank you to each and every one who is helping to make our “safe house” a reality!