Some amazing women in our community, Sept 2016

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We have some amazing women in our community! Just wanted to share a few of the beautiful items that they have made for Becky’s Place.
•Let’s start with the 2 quilts that the kids just love. Keeps them snug and warm during their stay with us. These were made by the “Ripinski Rippers”, wonderful quilters in town!
• Next, we have a variety of colorful pillowcases, that women and children can take with them when they leave. The pillowcase can be used to carry their possessions if they arrive at Becky’s Place without luggage. These beautiful pillowcases were made by Donna Walters!
• The 3rd item is called a “quilo”, which is a blanket that can be folded and fits into pillow that is attached to design. They have been made with adult and children’s material. Creative and beautiful. These are made by Sally Lix!
• And the last one, which is one of many that she has made for us, is a lap quilt. The individual can use as a lap cover when they are relaxing in the living room. These too can be given to the women and children staying at Becky’s Place. These beauties were made by Leanne Converse.
A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you! The guests of Becky’s Place are overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness. Thank you!
Sept 2016


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